Vol 6, No 1 (2010)

Special Issue: Handheld Learning 2009

This issue contains a number of papers that were presented in the Research Strand of the Handheld Learning 2009 Conference (Oct. 5-7, 2009; London, UK).

Table of Contents


Introduction to the Special Issue (Handheld Learning 2009) PDF
Graham Brown-Martin 1-2

Articles: Special Issue (Long Papers)

Will Student Devices Deliver Innovation, Inclusion, and Transformation? PDF
John Traxler 3-15
A Classification of M-Learning Applications from a Usability Perspective PDF
Robin Deegan, Paul Rothwell 16-27
Mobile Devices as ‘Boundary Objects’ on Field Trips PDF
Nicola Louise Beddall-Hill, Jonathan Raper 28-46
Mobile Learning at Abilene Christian University: Successes, Challenges, and Results from Year One PDF
Scott Perkins, George Saltsman 47-54
Using Handheld Technologies for Student Support: A Model PDF
Jane Lunsford 55-69

Articles: Special Issue (Short Papers)

Further Development of the Context Categories of a Mobile Learning Framework PDF
Phil Marston, Sarah Cornelius 70-75
Using PictoChat on the Nintendo DS to Develop Children’s Exploratory Talk through Productive Learning Conversations during Collaborative Group Work PDF
Karl Royle, Clair Jenkins, Julie Nickless 76-93
Mobile Learning for All PDF
Marco Arrigo, Giovanni Ciprì 94-102
Mobilizing The Open University: Case Studies in Strategic Mobile Development PDF
Rhodri Curwen Thomas 103-110
Mobile Technology as a mechanism for delivering improved Quality of Life PDF
Andy John Pulman 111-121
A Novel, Image-Based, Voting Tool Based on Handheld Devices PDF
Peter van Ooijen, Andre Broekema 122-128
Implications of 4G Connectivity Related to M-Learning Contexts PDF
Arturo Serrano Santoyo, Javier Organista-Sandoval 129-135
Fun, Fizzy and Formative Approaches to Assessment: Using Rapid Digital Feedback to Aid Learners' Progression PDF
Rowena J Blair, Susan V McLaren 136-143
Collaborative Mobile Knowledge Sharing for Language Learners PDF
Lyn Pemberton, Marcus Winter, Sanaz Fallahkhair 144-148
The Open University Library in Your Pocket PDF
Keren Michele Mills, Hassan Sheikh 149-156
MoLeaP – The Mobile Learning Project Database: a pool for projects and tool for systematic description and analysis of mobile learning practice PDF
Judith Seipold, Norbert Pachler 157-171
Can Nintendo DS Consoles Be Used for Collaboration and Inquiry-Based Learning in Schools? PDF
Steve Bunce 172-184
Towards An Intelligent Learning System for the Natural Born Cyborg. PDF
Deb Polson, Colleen Morgan 185-193

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