Vol 3, No 2 (2007)

Special Issue on Mentoring

This issue reports on RCET's mentoring project (funded by the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation). It is guest edited by Jan Kelly. 

Table of Contents


Voice and Choice: Onscreen Usability as a Praxis of Democracy PDF
R. James Owen 1-11
Developing an Evaluative Instrument for E-Learning Presentations PDF
Richard Kordel 12-23


A Message from the Guest Editor PDF
Janice Kelly 24-25

Articles: Special Issue

Teacher Technology Mentors PDF
Annette Kratcoski, Karen Swan, Patricia Mazzer 26-32
Using Digital Tools to Support Children's Inquiry PDF
Nancy Condit, Laurie Kidwell, Erin Shive, Annette Kratcoski 33-36
Building Social Skills Through Podcasts PDF
Kate Viers, Sherry Lacko, Annette Kratcoski, Kristina Weiss 37-39
The Power of PowerPoint PDF
Marcia Wallenfeldt, Janice Kelly 40-41
Podcasting with Kids: Differentiating Instruction Digitally PDF
Karen McClain, Theresa Boyle, Margie Franks, Barb Komoff, Annette Kratcoski 42-46
Using SMART Boards to Enhance Student Learning PDF
Annette Kratcoski, Christi Bates, Amy Hopkins 47-49
Intervention Podcasting PDF
Janice Kelly, Annette Kratcoski 50-52
Exploring the Use of Technology to Facilitate the Writing Process PDF
Annette Kratcoski, Selena Cottrell, Erin Killeen, Alissa Kruse, Debra Miller 53-55
Using Digital Recorders to Increase Reading Fluency PDF
Richard Booth, Deidre Hichens, Annette Kratcoski 56-57

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