Vol 9, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents

Articles: Special Issue (Social Studies)

Developing Civic Agency in an International Videoconference: Reflecting on Audience and Public Voice in Participatory Media PDF
J. Spencer Clark, James Scott Brown 2-23
“Wouldn't you like to talk it over before having your people die?" Engaging Middle School Students in Inter-school Online Synchronous Discussions PDF
Joseph O'Brien, Thomas Barker, Tina Ellsworth 24-48
The Lincoln Telegrams Project: A Design-Based Research Approach to Simplifying Digital History PDF
Philip Molebash, John Lee, Adam Friedman 49-73
Shifting Neo-Narratives: Online Participatory Media & Historical Narrative PDF
Whitney Gordon Blankenship, Cinthia S. Salinas 74-93
Using Podcasts to Express Counter-narratives: Meaningfully Integrating Technology in Elementary Social Studies PDF
Melissa Walker Beeson 94-111
The Pad-agogy of Historical Thinking: Using Digital Tablets in a Social Studies Teaching Methods Course PDF
Grant Rodwell Miller, Serinna Cinnamon 112-130
Cross-culture and Technology Integration: Examining the Impact of a TPACK-focused Collaborative Project on Pre-service Teachers and Teacher Education Faculty PDF
Janie Daniel Hubbard 131-155
From “Community Helpers” to “Community Service”: Using a WebQuest with Second Graders PDF
Mary Beth Henning 156-173
Planning with Technology in Mind: Preparing Pre-Service Social Studies Teacher to Integrate Technology in the Classroom PDF
Kristen Shand 174-191
Social Networking and the Social Studies for Citizenship Education PDF
Brad M Maguth, Jason Harshman 192-201

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